Detroit -TICTP Tour

So here I am, in Cleveland, OH, on my 3rd day into this tour. For the rest of these guys, the tour is actually coming to an end with only 10 days remaining! I'm so happy to join this fine group of gentlemen and they've made me feel very welcomed over the last couple of days. There are some pretty lengthy drives remaining, but i can't wait to cover every part of the next couple of weeks. This first post is from Detroit! This was a pretty crazy show, much better than I had originally anticipated. Detroit blew my mind; not only was it my first time in Detroit, but it was my first time in the States at all! Extremely cheap beer, industrial sites and abandoned buildings littered the landscape. Downtown detroit, which seemed to have been a thriving urban center, has been reduced to a cluster of abandoned skyscrapers and offices. It's quite the sight.

Photos from Columbus and Cleveland are coming in the next little bit!

Amos The Transparent

Last week I met up with my friends in Amos The Transparent to shoot a few new promotional photos for them! I'm not going to show them all right now, but this one I really liked... [see below] If you haven't already checked them out, make sure you drop by their facebook page or website and check out their new album Goodnight My Dear...I'm Falling Apart. Also check out the photos from their cd release show at ritual from a few months ago.

Tomorrow morning I am taking off to meet up with Today I Caught the Plague on their cross-US tour with Protest The Hero! Check out the dates and come out and say hey!


Amos The Transparent...

TICTP Tour - Ottawa [Final Date]

I suppose this is my last official tour post for this one! I realize it took my a bit to get them all up online, and I apologize to you all for making you wait. Work is work, and unfortunately I haven't been able to make freelance photography my full time job just yet. I had such a great time on this tour and I cannot wait to hit to road again in the future. Ottawa was the final stop on the tour. I had a day off prior while the boys played Montreal because of work, but couldn't miss the hometown show. TICTP pretty much sells out any show in Ottawa now. They are so loved by the hometown fans, it's really amazing to see! I had a blast because I got to enjoy them one last time but this time with my friends from the city!

They used their own lights for their hometown set, which is always great! The lighting is terrible in Maverick's, so I love when bands bring their own rig. Final photos from the tour, enjoy!

TICTP TOUR - Kingston

After St-Catharine's we had a day off in Toronto, which we spent gallivanting around and eating/drinking a lot - Those photos will come another time. The next day, we made our way to Kingston. The weather in Toronto was amazing, but it quickly changed once we left the GTA and arrived in Kingston. Freezing rain and shitty streets were waiting for us, which made the drive home after the show a little more stressful. Kingston was an interesting stop on the tour. I had never been to Kingston, so I didn't really know what to expect from the Mansion as a venue. It was a very small place, definitely the smallest venue on the tour. It was so small that the venue didn't have enough channels for Devin's mics, so he ended up playing an amazing 2 hour acoustic set for his fans. TICTP however did have the chance to play their full set and killed it. Any stage, big or small, these guys still manage to make it work and the crowd loved it!

TICTP TOUR - St-Catharines

St-Catharine's was a very interesting show. The crowd was definitely the most intense one we had seen, but the stage was also the smallest I have ever seen. Mike's drums had to be sideways facing Matt's keyboard and Steve and Eric were basically spooning on stage (they don't usually do that). But none the less, a great time.This show was following the Opera House, where we ended up going out to our friends TTR afterwards for a pretty hilarious night (camera not present), so some of the guys were a little tired. Mike's sex eyes were in full effect however (see below), may have been because HK was sitting beside him, not sure.

St-Catharine's is a weird place. This show was on a sunday night, and I know in most small towns stores usually close at around 5 or 6, but in St-Catharine's, EVERYTHING is closed by like 4. It was weird, basically turns into a ghost town after 4pm on sundays.

Kingston photos are coming as are the photos from the homecoming show, so stay tuned.