Detroit -TICTP Tour

So here I am, in Cleveland, OH, on my 3rd day into this tour. For the rest of these guys, the tour is actually coming to an end with only 10 days remaining! I'm so happy to join this fine group of gentlemen and they've made me feel very welcomed over the last couple of days. There are some pretty lengthy drives remaining, but i can't wait to cover every part of the next couple of weeks. This first post is from Detroit! This was a pretty crazy show, much better than I had originally anticipated. Detroit blew my mind; not only was it my first time in Detroit, but it was my first time in the States at all! Extremely cheap beer, industrial sites and abandoned buildings littered the landscape. Downtown detroit, which seemed to have been a thriving urban center, has been reduced to a cluster of abandoned skyscrapers and offices. It's quite the sight.

Photos from Columbus and Cleveland are coming in the next little bit!