Happy New Year everyone!

Here are some photos from Protest The Hero's last Toronto show of 2014 at Danforth Music Hall. It was a big year for them, finally wrapping up the touring cycle for Volition after a solid couple year straight of extensive touring around the world and this show was a great way to wrap things up. 

2014 was a busy year and 2015 is looking to be a good one too!


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Detroit -TICTP Tour

So here I am, in Cleveland, OH, on my 3rd day into this tour. For the rest of these guys, the tour is actually coming to an end with only 10 days remaining! I'm so happy to join this fine group of gentlemen and they've made me feel very welcomed over the last couple of days. There are some pretty lengthy drives remaining, but i can't wait to cover every part of the next couple of weeks. This first post is from Detroit! This was a pretty crazy show, much better than I had originally anticipated. Detroit blew my mind; not only was it my first time in Detroit, but it was my first time in the States at all! Extremely cheap beer, industrial sites and abandoned buildings littered the landscape. Downtown detroit, which seemed to have been a thriving urban center, has been reduced to a cluster of abandoned skyscrapers and offices. It's quite the sight.

Photos from Columbus and Cleveland are coming in the next little bit!

Amos The Transparent

Last week I met up with my friends in Amos The Transparent to shoot a few new promotional photos for them! I'm not going to show them all right now, but this one I really liked... [see below] If you haven't already checked them out, make sure you drop by their facebook page or website and check out their new album Goodnight My Dear...I'm Falling Apart. Also check out the photos from their cd release show at ritual from a few months ago.

Tomorrow morning I am taking off to meet up with Today I Caught the Plague on their cross-US tour with Protest The Hero! Check out the dates and come out and say hey!


Amos The Transparent...

Today I Caught The Plague

As some of you may already know, my good friends in Today I Caught the Plague are currently on a 4 week tour supporting Protest The Hero through the United States! A bit over a week ago, they played their tour kickoff show at Ritual here in Ottawa and asked me to drop by to take a few photos. I will be joining them on the road for the last week and half of their tour as of April 10th! So if anyone reads this from Detroit or anywhere on the east coast of the states, make sure you check out the tour dates on their facebook page.

The Social Book Exchange

I may have mentioned this before, but a good friend of mine, Mr. Aaron Cayer, decided to start up an amazing little skateboard company here in Ottawa by the name of Antique Skateboards. Since it's inception, Antique has put a huge push on the development of the skateboard community culture in general here in Ottawa. Antique has put out a team video, hosted a wide array of parties and once a month, they host the Social Book Exchange. The SBE encourages everyone (not just skateboarders) to come together and trade your favorite books with anyone willing to read. Aaron has organized this into a great little social experience and it has become a hit! On March 10th, Antique will be taking things to the next level and will have their very first store front opening here in Ottawa on Bank/Florence! See facebook for all the event details, but I guarantee the opening will be a great time and Antique will continue to grow to become a essential part of this great city.

1st Annual Standard/Jack Purcell Invitational

A few weeks ago, one of the good friends from back home, Jonny Bonney, and my friends at the Standard Tavern invited me to take part in a great little event to help fundraise for a local outdoor rink. This was the first annual Standard Tavern Invitational Hockey Tournament at the Jack Purcell outdoor rink, all to raise funds to keep the rink in great shape and maintain it throughout the season. I thought it was pretty amazing of all these local businesses to come together and donate some money to a great piece of centertown, a district (where I live) in Otawa. Despite it being one of the coldest days of the year, the day went so well and Fresco's Bistro came out on top as the first Champions of the tournament. This will only get bigger and better from here! Here are a few photos I took during the day.

Amos The Transparent

Last week my friends Amos The Transparent released their brand new album Goodnight My Dear... I'm Falling Apart and celebrated by having a cd release show at Ritual with their friends and family in Ottawa. The show was obviously incredible and the venue was packed! There aren't many bands from this fine city that are able to consistently pack a venue, in my opinion, so it just shows how loved they are around here and really how great of a band they are. I managed to make it in time for their set and snapped a few photos for them.

Last friday they were also invited to be the Friday Live guest on CBC Radio's Q with Jian Ghomeshi. They sounded amazing and they even filmed the set for QTV (Q's youtube channel/weekly tv show). Check the video below to see them play their first single from the album.


Head Down Boxing Day Bash

I realize the title seems a little late, but allow me to explain.A month ago I made the decision to step down from my job as E-Commerce manage at NRML clothing here in Ottawa. I decided it was time to get back to what i really loved to do, which is taking photos and creating new work for myself and for others to enjoy. Needless to say, I now have a little more free time on my hands, so I'm going through my hard drive and finding photos that I completely ignored or just did not have time to work on over the last year.

Every year at X-Mas time, my good friends in Head Down have a big show on Boxing Day that everyone comes out for. If you're from Timmins and are reading this, chances are you were there or at least wished you were (the line was out the door and a lot of people couldn't get in). I didn't really plan on taking many photos that night, but it was so fun that I had to snap a few.