The Social Book Exchange

I may have mentioned this before, but a good friend of mine, Mr. Aaron Cayer, decided to start up an amazing little skateboard company here in Ottawa by the name of Antique Skateboards. Since it's inception, Antique has put a huge push on the development of the skateboard community culture in general here in Ottawa. Antique has put out a team video, hosted a wide array of parties and once a month, they host the Social Book Exchange. The SBE encourages everyone (not just skateboarders) to come together and trade your favorite books with anyone willing to read. Aaron has organized this into a great little social experience and it has become a hit! On March 10th, Antique will be taking things to the next level and will have their very first store front opening here in Ottawa on Bank/Florence! See facebook for all the event details, but I guarantee the opening will be a great time and Antique will continue to grow to become a essential part of this great city.