Head Down Boxing Day Bash

I realize the title seems a little late, but allow me to explain.A month ago I made the decision to step down from my job as E-Commerce manage at NRML clothing here in Ottawa. I decided it was time to get back to what i really loved to do, which is taking photos and creating new work for myself and for others to enjoy. Needless to say, I now have a little more free time on my hands, so I'm going through my hard drive and finding photos that I completely ignored or just did not have time to work on over the last year.

Every year at X-Mas time, my good friends in Head Down have a big show on Boxing Day that everyone comes out for. If you're from Timmins and are reading this, chances are you were there or at least wished you were (the line was out the door and a lot of people couldn't get in). I didn't really plan on taking many photos that night, but it was so fun that I had to snap a few.