TICTP Tour - Ottawa [Final Date]

I suppose this is my last official tour post for this one! I realize it took my a bit to get them all up online, and I apologize to you all for making you wait. Work is work, and unfortunately I haven't been able to make freelance photography my full time job just yet. I had such a great time on this tour and I cannot wait to hit to road again in the future. Ottawa was the final stop on the tour. I had a day off prior while the boys played Montreal because of work, but couldn't miss the hometown show. TICTP pretty much sells out any show in Ottawa now. They are so loved by the hometown fans, it's really amazing to see! I had a blast because I got to enjoy them one last time but this time with my friends from the city!

They used their own lights for their hometown set, which is always great! The lighting is terrible in Maverick's, so I love when bands bring their own rig. Final photos from the tour, enjoy!