TICTP TOUR - Kingston

After St-Catharine's we had a day off in Toronto, which we spent gallivanting around and eating/drinking a lot - Those photos will come another time. The next day, we made our way to Kingston. The weather in Toronto was amazing, but it quickly changed once we left the GTA and arrived in Kingston. Freezing rain and shitty streets were waiting for us, which made the drive home after the show a little more stressful. Kingston was an interesting stop on the tour. I had never been to Kingston, so I didn't really know what to expect from the Mansion as a venue. It was a very small place, definitely the smallest venue on the tour. It was so small that the venue didn't have enough channels for Devin's mics, so he ended up playing an amazing 2 hour acoustic set for his fans. TICTP however did have the chance to play their full set and killed it. Any stage, big or small, these guys still manage to make it work and the crowd loved it!