TICTP TOUR - St-Catharines

St-Catharine's was a very interesting show. The crowd was definitely the most intense one we had seen, but the stage was also the smallest I have ever seen. Mike's drums had to be sideways facing Matt's keyboard and Steve and Eric were basically spooning on stage (they don't usually do that). But none the less, a great time.This show was following the Opera House, where we ended up going out to our friends TTR afterwards for a pretty hilarious night (camera not present), so some of the guys were a little tired. Mike's sex eyes were in full effect however (see below), may have been because HK was sitting beside him, not sure.

St-Catharine's is a weird place. This show was on a sunday night, and I know in most small towns stores usually close at around 5 or 6, but in St-Catharine's, EVERYTHING is closed by like 4. It was weird, basically turns into a ghost town after 4pm on sundays.

Kingston photos are coming as are the photos from the homecoming show, so stay tuned.