Tour - Halifax/Skate 4 Cancer

Last night was the Skate 4 Cancer event at the Commons Skate park in  Halifax and it went great! We got to hang out with Rob and I was blown away at how happy and genuinely nice he was. Everyone was so happy to see rob out with everyone and it seemed like everyone had a great time. The Element Canada team skated really well too before the concert and I got a sequence of my buddy Neil that I'll post up when I'm done with it. After the show Rob stuck around to take a shot with the guys, so I set up my gear really fast and took a couple of shots. I posted the better one at the bottom. Also, apparently the show will be on Much Music's Going Coastal next sunday at 11am with live footage of Head Down. The show was pretty small filled with some good local bands and Head Down headlining. We're leaving for Moncton today and we'll be playing at Doc Dylan's with the Secret Agents. After Moncton we'll be in Rivière du Loup, then Montreal and finally back home in Timmins with Ten Second Epic on the 8th.

Driving over the MacDonald Bridge

Rob Dyer

Rob, John and Will

Will and the Element dudes

Will and Rob

Save September

Forever Will Fall

Destroy Hope

Head Down